Services from the finest professionals to address IT systems needs resulting in increased productivity, revenue and competitive advantage:

ITworQs offers the expertise and experience to help address your needs and challenges related to the implementation of Information Systems, Software and Hardware. Our consultants work in collaboration with the end users and customer management to provide solutions based on thorough evaluation and analysis of the business needs and strategic plans. Our goal is to be your long term, trusted partner who will assist you attain greater efficiency, cost effectiveness and competitive advantage.

ITworQs experience


Our Application Maintenance and Methodology systems facilitate businesses to get the most out of their IT applications, reduce downtime, and enhance the life of systems. We offer offshore-ability analysis and maintainability analysis as well.


Our application re-engineering and platform migrations services transform legacy applications to state-of-the-art platforms with highly optimized architecture. Businesses can retain their existing applications while doubling their value. These scalable applications help them respond better and faster to increasing business challenges while reducing costs related to upgrading.

Remote DBA
and Migration

ITworQs offers remote DBA and migration from complex legacy systems to state-of-the-art systems using specialized methods that have evolved over two decades of experience. We ensure data integrity and security of the highest standards with short cycles and reduced system downtime. This facilitates greater productivity and cost effectiveness.


Our infrastructure management services offer comprehensive management of the entire IT lifecycle from the design, migration, and rollout plan to service structure, delivery, implementation and daily operations. We manage servers, mainframes, databases, web services, infrastructure applications and tools so businesses can resolve IT issues faster and manage their systems more efficiently and cost effectively.


ITworQs specializes in designing, maintaining, and implementing highly customized software solutions for specific business requirements. We maintain industry standard best practices for all our solutions ranging from enterprise mobile application development to information portals, e-commerce portals to maintenance and enhancement. Third party testing, usability testing, and database design are also provided.


Web portal services developed by ITworQs provide end-to-end claim management that results in streamlined and faster payouts and reimbursements through secure all-payer solutions, more accurate records, real-time error identification and resolutions, and 100% secure transactions with a reduction in paperwork.


  • Onshore and offshore services tailored to business requirements
  • Geographically distributed data centers and systems
  • Technology partnerships with Oracle, Microsoft, IBM and Tableau and other leading IT firms
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements of specific industries ranging from government bodies to financial and pharmaceutical
  • Expertise and knowledge across a variety of industry verticals from healthcare, biotech, pharmaceuticals, IT, E-commerce, automobile, and manufacturing, to banking, insurance, finance, news, and media.

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